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Domestic News
Vietnamese cacbon steel welded pipe is not subject to the tax penalty in the US
The company export carbon welded steel pipe from Vietnam to the US will not be subject to anti-dumping and countervailing duties, according to the recent decision of the US.
According to the Competition Administrator Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) on 19-11. The US International Trade Commission (USITC) last week confirmed carbon welded steel pipe (CWP) import from Oman, Philippines, Saudi and India and do not cause damage or threaten to cause damage to the US domestic steel pipe industry.

Accordingly, The US Department of Commerce (DOC) will issue orders without imposition of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy for the entire steel pipe products CWP imports from these countries. Border Protection Agency and the US trade will also refund the deposit that US importers have to pay according to the preliminary decision of case.

From October last year, after 4 US carbon steel pipe production company filed a lawsuit. The DOC has initiated anti-dumping and anti-subsidy for CWP products imported from 4 countries.

In October 2012, DOC final conclusions asserted acts of dumping steel pipe imported from Vietnam and said no allowance behavior with this product.

However, according to the Competition Administrator Department, US law on anti-dumping and subsidy provisions, if either agency of the US Department of Commerce or the USITC ruled negation dumping, subsidies or non-existent damage or threat of damage to the domestic industry, the US government will not issue orders imposed for the products under investigation.

Source: KTSG

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